Yes, they are no longer in season, but I thought I should comment on the background images on the blog.

I love blueberries. Any way I can get them. Initially, I got them pureed and usually mixed with cereal or yogurt. By the time they were in season last spring and early summer, I had them combined with other berries or fruit. And then I started to eat them all by themselves. They were so delicious just bursting in my mouth. They are Dad’s favorite too and I think he would get disappointed when I ate most of them before he got any. While they were in season, Mom would make us blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Here I am eating those:

And here’s Mom’s recipe, which is really Granma S.’s recipe:

Blueberry Pancakes

Sift together 1 cup flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Add 1 beaten egg, 1 cup milk and  stir gradually to make a smooth batter.  Allow the batter to rest while you heat your skillet, griddle or frying pan. Add 1 teaspoon of melted butter (or oil) and blueberries (a couple of handfuls) to batter and gently stir. Using a ladle, spoon batter onto hot cooking surface. When bubbles begin to pop in the batter, flip the pancakes and allow to brown on the other side. Serve with your preferred pancake toppings.

Note: Mom has adjusted this recipe from time to time, usually to make them with whatever we happen to have in the house. I mentioned the homemade yogurt in my last post and Mom has often replaced the milk with yogurt – especially since the homemade stuff is not as firm as what you buy at the store. I wouldn’t recommend using Greek yogurt for this unless you only do half yogurt and half milk. Using yogurt instead of milk makes the pancakes a little fluffier and, therefore a little higher so there aren’t mountainous looking blueberries sticking up on one side of them.

Mom also made lots of smoothie-type things for me during the summer and blueberries were regularly part of those. I couldn’t really drink smoothies out of my sippie cups because the holes in the tops aren’t big enough, but Mom would make them thick enough to eat with a spoon. Sometimes she would freeze them into popsicle molds too – those were really yummy.

One last story about blueberries. One day during the summer Mom and I went to Costco (one of my favorite outings – I love all the free samples) and Mom bought a giant container of blueberries. At first she put it in the cart, but as soon as I saw them I wanted them and let her know (in my own special way, of course.) She put them on the seat next to me and opened them and let me eat away. I had probably eaten about a quarter of the container by the time we got to the register. Then the cashier wanted to take them away from me so Mom could buy them. I would have none of that. The cashier had to check the code with her special price gun rather than scanning them on the belt. And Mom had to distract me when we got out to the car so she could pack them away for the ride home. I would have eaten the whole container before we got home if Mom had let me!

Yes, I love blueberries and I’m sad to say the zipper bag of blueberries that Mom froze a few months ago is fast dwindling down. I’m not sure I can wait until next spring for the next crop to be ready.


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