Spring Breakfast – Soft Boiled Eggs

Mommy subscribes to quite a few food blogs, and reads a few more. She said they must have all decided to come together and send one message in the last few weeks: soft-boiled eggs. They’ve been everywhere. She thought they would make a good breakfast for the day before Easter, so yesterday we went out and bought egg cups. Nothing fancy. Mommy promised we would look for a special one just for me in our coming travels or local antique shops. For today I got a basic white one with two little chicken feet sticking out. I think it’s pretty special. We also bought little spoons to eat our eggs with.

Many people seem to have difficulty with eggs. Apparently, cooking eggs is often a test in culinary school. Soft-boiled eggs shouldn’t be so hard. It’s really quite simple. Bring a pot of water to boil. Carefully add the eggs (don’t crowd the pot, don’t add so many the water doesn’t cover them) and boil for exactly six (6) minutes. Rinse quickly with cold water to stop the cooking. Cut a “lid” off the top, add some salt and pepper and dig in.

Mommy also made soldiers for dipping. She sliced a sandwich size ciabatta roll into fingers, tossed them with melted butter, grated cheese, oregano and garlic powder. Spread the fingers on a cookie sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, flipping them over about halfway through cooking.

I think any food that gets its own special dish, is just my size and I can dip things into is one terrific food!


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