My Birthday

I just had my second birthday. I posted about a month ago that we had decided on a butterfly cake but just hadn’t picked a flavor yet. Mommy went with her new go-to cake recipe and made it lemon flavored. If you want the recipe, you can find it in the post about my birthday last year. It’s the same as the lime cupcakes except it had lemon zest and juice and to make it even more lemon-y Mommy replaced the vanilla extract with lemon extract. Mommy promised we would try making this in a few other flavors. I’ll keep you posted on them.

I’m going to dedicate this blog entry to how Mommy made my cake look just like a beautiful butterfly.

She bought two heart-shaped cake pans in two different sizes – one just the next size up from the other. She baked two smaller heart cakes and one larger heart cake. Once the cakes were completely cool, she cut the larger heart in half. The two smaller hearts were the top wings and the halves were the bottom wings (points all meeting in the center and cut edges facing each other.) Then Mommy made cupcakes for the body of the butterfly. She frosted the whole thing by just pouring on a thin buttercream that just dripped over the edges and then she decorated the wings with black gel icing (nothing fancy here – just the store-bought stuff in a tube.)

I think it looked and tasted pretty great.


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