Banana Berry Smoothie

Okay, people, it’s really hot here in Baltimore and Mommy has the blender out.

She says that should mean margaritas, but I’m too young, so she made smoothies instead. When I told her I wanted to do a blog entry on smoothies, she thought it was a little silly because smoothies are so easy. But I told her we should include it anyway, even if it’s just to show the pictures of me with a bright pink moustache. So, like so many “recipes” here, this is more like a method than a recipe. Add fruit that you like or have. Mommy also makes a Green Monster smoothie. I’ll post that one next time.

Ingredients: one well-ripened banana, about 1 cup frozen berries, 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 1/4 cup peanut butter (use another nut butter if you’re allergic to peanuts,) 1-2 Tablespoons chocolate syrup

Everybody into the pool, er, blender. And go! Blend until smooth. Easy, right? The amounts are estimates.

Sometimes, when the bananas start to get a little too ripe, she peels them and puts them into a zip bag and in the freezer. If you do this, use about the equivalent of one banana because they will probably be a big frozen blob. Bananas, fresh or frozen, give smoothies that “fluffiness” that makes them so yummy. Of course, if you don’t like bananas, you don’t have to use them.

Mommy usually has a bag of frozen berries on hand. Sometimes they’re ones we picked and didn’t make into jam, sometimes she buys them at the store. If we have fresh berries and frozen bananas than she uses that combination instead. She likes to have at least one item frozen so she doesn’t have to add ice cubes – that just waters down the smoothie.

Mommy uses whatever yogurt we have in the house, which these days has been plain Greek yogurt. But she said flavored yogurt would be just fine too and if you don’t have a lot of fresh fruit and want to use a whole, single-serving container of fruit yogurt that would work just fine. We buy yogurt in large containers and so some liquid usually is sitting on top when we use it. Mommy pours that into the blender too – for some added moisture (and lots of nutrients.)

We just started adding peanut butter to our smoothies. I love peanut butter and it’s a good source of protein. I think that’s why Mommy does it – she often just drinks a smoothie for breakfast and the peanut butter gives it “staying power” as she says.

Now the chocolate syrup is optional. Since we use plain yogurt, we like to add a little sweetener. Sometimes we add honey, but since chocolate goes so well with bananas, berries and peanut butter, why not?!?! Add more or less to your taste – just remember that even though chocolate syrup is fat-free it is not calorie free.

Once it begins to blend, it looks something like this:

You made need to scrape down the sides a little. You might also need to add a little more liquid to get it to blend. If so, this is entirely up to you. Some options we have used: milk (of any variety – vanilla soy makes this yummy!) water, fruit juice. Just add a little bit at a time and smash stuff down in the blender (don’t put any utensil or your hands in the blender while it’s running – unless you want bits of it in your smoothie!) The less liquid you add, the thicker your smoothie – the more, the thinner.

These amounts make enough smoothie for me to have about 4 oz and Mommy to have about 12 oz. Enjoy.


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