I’m sorry I’ve been absent for a bit. I had hoped I would get on a schedule this summer that had me posting a blog about once a week, but the best laid plans and all…

This past week I was on vacation with Mommy and Daddy and Nonna and Nonno (formerly Granma and Granpa, we’re changing things up a bit.) We went to Ocean City, NJ. It’s an annual event and this year I had so much fun.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the water and I love to swim. When we arrived last Saturday I wasn’t entirely sure about the ocean but it took only a short time for me to warm up and I wanted to run right in.

I also loved playing in the sand, but was more interested in knocking down sand castles than building them. When I was first born one of Daddy’s friends thought he said Godzilla instead of Graziella (or maybe it was auto-correct) and everyone laughed about that. This week at the beach I liked the idea of being Godzilla – crushing Tokyo then New York!

Of course, we ate, A LOT. We bring food so we don’t eat out every night, but we eat out a few times too. I can’t share any of our yummy meals with you though because we just were too hungry to think about taking pictures! We did eat out one night at Spadafora’s, which was tasty. For those who know, the name of that restaurant is very similar to Mommy, Nonna and Nonno’s name, so we had to go there. That was the night Aunt Maryanne came down for a night to visit. I had shrimp and Cape May Scallops and clams on the half shell. Yum!

The last night we were there we had a homemade repeat of that dinner out and everyone, including me, said it was even better. I don’t have pictures, but I can tell you we wrapped corn in foil and put it on the grill; tossed little neck clams on the grill (just wash the shells and throw them on, when they pop open they’re done, squeeze on a little fresh lemon and dip in some butter); then put some foil down on the grill and tossed on the shrimp and scallops, a couple pats of butter and one lemon, sliced on top, seasoned with a little salt and pepper and closed the grill until the shrimp turned pink and the scallops were opaque. Yup, they were all good.

We also spent time at the Boardwalk – of course. On our last night at the Boardwalk, I went on my first Carousel and we had frozen custard. We were going to have waffles and ice cream, but the stand’s waffle machine wasn’t working. Oh well, custard is good too.




And few good ones from the beach:

I can’t believe I almost forgot my corn dog!


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