Sunday Dinner – Roast Chicken

It has begun to cool off here in Baltimore and while we still have a few 70-degree days ahead of us there is also a nip in the air some days, especially in the morning. Mommy took advantage of this and made a real Sunday dinner this weekend. She also took advantage of some of the yummy items we can still find at our local farmer’s market.

Like so many of the other things Mommy makes, there’s no real recipe here – add what you like.

Mommy started with cutting some fall veggies into chunks and putting them into the bottom of a large baking dish. You could also use a roasting pan for this. We had gone to the farmer’s market earlier in the week and found some patty pan squash and Japanese eggplant as well as some fingerling potatoes. She cut the first two into chunks, but left the potatoes whole because they were already small. I also like roasted carrots and beets, so Mommy added some of those too. She peeled both and cut them into chunks as well. Then, for some flavor, she added about 5 cloves of garlic, just smashed and peeled and two onions cut into wedges. Then she added about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and some salt and pepper (to taste) and tossed it all together.

It looked so pretty.

Mommy used those pretty veggies as a bed for a roasting chicken. Make sure your chicken is fully thawed. And then she ducked outside and picked a few sprigs of fresh herbs – we still have some thyme and rosemary. Mommy just scattered them over and around the chicken. She also added some salt and pepper to the chicken and about a tablespoon of butter, broken up with her fingers, to the chicken.

Place in a 425-degree oven for about an hour. It is done when a thermometer placed in the thickest part of the thigh (careful not to hit bone) registers 165 degrees and/or the juices run clear. Don’t rely on the plastic pop-up thing that comes in the chicken, they’re not always reliable.

Mommy doesn’t really slice the chicken into thin slices. Carving a bird is really not a pretty thing. She pulls off the drumsticks and the wings and cuts the breast meat off and slices it into chucks. Doesn’t make any difference to me; it still tastes yummy.


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