Valentine’s Day (non-candy) Treats

As you know, I’m in school these days, so I need to think about Valentine’s Day. My class will be having a party and I wanted to make sure I had Valentines for everyone in my class. Mommy figured there would be lots of candy and other sweet treats, so wanted me to do something that wouldn’t involve an early trip to the dentist. Also, you may remember from this post that some of my classmates have allergies that would make candy-giving more complicated than it needs to be. So, we went with an option that Mommy thinks my teachers, my classmates, and their parents will all like: crayons. Not just plain, old crayons though. Heart-shaped crayons.


Don’t they look great? Okay, some are prettier than others. But I think they’re still pretty cool. And I get to keep some of them because there are more than enough for my classmates. In fact, each of my classmates will get three of them and I still have lots to keep (I’m lucky to be in class with fewer than 20 students.)

So, you know I wouldn’t show these to you and not tell you how Mommy and I made them, right? So, here it is.

Mommy bought two big boxes of crayons at the dollar store. We took the paper off of them and broke them into small pieces.


Mommy also bought an ice “cube” mold that is hearts instead of rectangles. It’s silicon, so it can go in the oven.

Heart Mold

Preheat the oven to about 250 degrees (Mommy says our oven is on the cool side, so we played with a little before we got these to melt, but if your oven is more accurate, 250 should do the trick.)

Fill the molds with small pieces of crayon. You can use all of the same color, different shades of the same color, or mix a few colors together. Just avoid black and dark browns because they tend to turn the whole thing into a dark blah.

First Batch

Put the mold on a cookie sheet (to catch any overflowing wax) and put in the oven. Now how long it takes will depend on how hot your oven is, how big your mold is (how many crayon pieces are in there,) how small your pieces of crayon are and (I think) the quality of the crayons (ours were cheap and took forever to melt!) I say keep your eye on them (at least the first batch, until you get the hang of it.) Like I said, ours took awhile – about 20 minutes. But once they start to melt, they turn to liquid quickly, so watch them.

Out of the Oven

Let them cool completely so they solidify again. Using a silicon mold makes them easy to pop out once they are solid. This is the first batch:

First Batch Done

While we waited for the crayons to melt and re-solidify Mommy and I prepared the envelopes that we’d put the hearts in.Envelopes Ready

Then I got to pick which hearts I wanted to give each of my friends, we put them into the envelopes and sealed them with a sticker.

Stuffed and Sealed

Do you think my friends will like them? I sure hope so.


Oh, and since I’m a foodie, Mommy made one of my favorite meals after spending the day working hard melting wax!

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Will you be my Valentine?


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