Gingerbread House Making

***Note*** This entry was supposed to have posted nearly a month ago. We’ve been having some technical difficulties here at Baltimore Foodie Baby. Hopefully things are all fixed now.***

Many families, especially those with kids, make gingerbread houses for Christmas. My Grandma has bought a kit for my cousin, Alayna, since Alayna was a little girl. This year, Grandma bought three kits: one for Alayna, one for her little brother, Logan, and one for me. We went to her house the weekend before Christmas and Grandma had everything set up for us to make our gingerbread houses.

The kits are made by Wilton; they make all sorts of baking supplies and you can find their products in many stores including Target, Michael’s, and Party City, to name a few. The kit comes with everything you need to build a complete house: pre-baked panels for walls and roof, royal icing that works as glue and a disposable piping bag, candy and red and green fondant for decorations. Grandma also made extra royal icing and bought extra candy for decorations. And when I say extra candy, I mean…


Seriously – extra candy!

I’ll admit it, I wanted to eat the candy more than I wanted to build and decorate the gingerbread houses. But Mommy helped and we got our house put together.


You should know though that this is not a quick project. We didn’t really leave enough time to do it and the roof kept wanting to slide off. Eventually Mommy was able to hold it all in place long enough for the icing to dry a bit so it could stand by itself. My cousin Logan and Aunt Kristin didn’t have as much luck.

Many Hands


Alayna, who has some previous experience was a real pro. She didn’t even bother trying to put the roof on until the rest of the house was assembled. She even decorated the roof before attaching it.

Thatched Roof


I neer saw Alayna’s finished product because none of the houses were dry enough for us to take home when it was time to leave.

So, here’s my review: This may be too-advanced a project for 2 year olds, but I suppose it’s never too early to start. Overall, these are fun to do and take out the time and energy it requires to make the gingerbread. Most people don’t eat gingerbread houses even when they make their own cookies, so using stale cookies isn’t a problem. They come with enough royal icing to hold the house together and do some decorating, but you might want to make more if your decorations are going to be elaborate. I didn’t try using the fondant, but Alayna used it for a door, a path, and a wreath. I think it was pretty easy to use. The kit comes with candy, but they weren’t really Christmas colors, so you might want to buy a little extra.

Canies come with kit

Allow lots of time to assemble and then lots more time for the house to dry before you try to move it.

Be sure to wear an apron because it can get pretty messy. But it was fun!

And eating candy is always fun, especially when Grandma buys lots!

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